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NEM Summit

Follow the main events of the NEM Summit on your PC

PeerStreamer and NAPA WINE have reached an agreement with NEM Summit for the live streaming of the main events (all those that will take place in the 'Aula Magna') at full TV quality.

All you need to do is follow the installation procedure here below and enjoy to event. We suggest to use the binary version posted here. Other versions should work correctly too.

PeerStreamer capabilities will also be explained and shown in a Demo at the Politecnico di Torino stand (stand number 03 in front of NEM Art) during Projects Demos on Wednesday Sept. 27 1-3PM.


1, Download and install the version for your system from the table below. We recommend to use the Installer, but binaries in zip/tgz archives are also available. You can also
compile from source code if you wish (just follow instruction on our dedicated page).

Note that our main development platform is Linux, both the Windows and the OS X versions have been derived from this and therefore the GUI has some small glitches.
In particular, the OS X version produces some flickering on some system. We have traced this back to problems with SDL library, but we could yet find the time to correct it.

Operating Systems Installer zip or tgz
Linux Debian/Ubuntu 32bit DEB tgz
64bit DEB
Fedora/RedHat 32bit RPM
64bit RPM
Windows 32/64bit; Xp, Vista, 7 Installer zip
MAC OSX Snow Leopard, Lion DMG Installer

Starting the Player

Just start the PeerStreamer application from your start menu.

Start peerstreamer from a shell.

Download the DMG image, open it. You can then install it simply dragging the into the Application folder, then start it as usual.

Using the Player

Although our main development focus is the streaming engine, we have developed a simple player application as well. The current version is rather simple: you can cycle through the available channels, set the screen size and enjoy the show.


Below, you can see a screenshot with buttons explained:

PeerStreamer Player controls

Keyboard shortcuts

Key Action
up/down arrow change channel up/down
left/right arrow increase/decrease playback delay by 0.1 sec
r change aspect ratio (original, 4:3, 16:9)
f toggle full-screen
Esc exit full-screen


Currently, the following channels are available for testing and measurements.

Channel Type Content Repository Video Quality Audio quality
NEM-LIVE-HQ Demo NEM Summit 2011 (live) UNITN 1.0 Mbps PAL H.264 128kbps Stereo
NEM-LIVE-LQ Demo NEM Summit 2011 (live) UNITN 0.3 Mbps PAL H.264 128kbps Stereo
Ozone-Network-MT Demo Ozone Network (live) no repository 1.0 Mbps H.264 128kbps Stereo
Iris-Polito Demo DJ TV (live) UNITN 1.0 Mbps PAL H.264 128kbps Stereo
TEST-CHANNEL-01-LQ Demo Rai 4 lowres (live) UNITN 0.3 Mbps lowres H.264 64kbps Stereo
TEST-CHANNEL-02-HQ Demo Rai GULP (live) UNITN 1.0 Mbps PAL H.264 128kbps Stereo
TEST-CHANNEL-02-LQ Demo Rai GULP lowres (live) UNITN 0.3 Mbps lowres H.264 64kbps Stereo

If resources are scarce and HQ channels have problems, please switch to the LQ version. An auto-switching mechanism is yet to be implemented :)


Network requirements

PeerStreamer runs over UDP. It should work behind a NAT. Below is you find the set of ports that are used and that should be opened.

  • UDP 3478, 3479: STUN ports used to discover the presence of a NAT
  • UDP 6100-6200: used for P2P streaming for different channels
  • TCP 9832: used to report statistics to the repository

Downlink available bandwidth should be 10% higher than the actual stream rate. Uplink as low as 100kb/s should be enough.

about the GUI

  • Aspect ratio is wrong: you can press R to switch from 4:3 to 16:9 aspect ratio
  • text is flashing on my OSX: Unfortunately this is a bug related to SDL support under OSX, We are investigating it
  • Audio and video are out-of-sync: Keeping audio and video in perfect sync is complicated under SDL. We are still looking for a perfect solution
  • Under linux, audio is choppy: There are some known issues with the pulseaudio driver used by some Linux Ubuntu. Try running it as
    SDL_AUDIODRIVER=dsp ./peerstreamer [OPTIONS]