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2011-11-16 Csaba KiralyAdding license description to README master
2011-11-16 Csaba Kiralyadding minimalist README
2011-11-16 Csaba Kiralychanging to AGPL
2011-11-13 Csaba KiralyMerge branch 'fprintf' into next
2011-11-13 Csaba Kiralyremove debug messages from normal output
2011-09-20 Csaba Kiralymakefile: fix dependencies on config.mak
2011-09-18 Csaba Kiralymakefile: add some PHONY targets
2011-09-18 Csaba Kiralymakefile: adding distclean target
2011-09-18 Csaba Kiralymade the configure script sh compatible
2011-09-18 Csaba Kiralyadd configure script and make the whole build process...
2011-09-17 Csaba Kiralymakefile: add lm to the end of the link chain as well
2011-09-17 Csaba Kiralymakefile: correct a dependence on version.h
2011-09-06 Csaba Kiralymakefile: remove .d files on clean versioning
2011-09-06 Csaba Kiralymakefile: generate dependencies also for streamer.c
2011-09-06 Csaba Kiralymakefile: generate version.h at the beginning
2011-08-24 Csaba Kiralymakefile: fix dependence on version.h
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