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NAME - Test utility for PeerStreamer


[ -hZz ]

[ -e executable ]

[ -m executable ]

[ -v video ]

[ -I interface ]

[ -S port ]

[ -F filter ]

[ -s options ]

[ -i IP ]

[ -P port ]

[ -p options ]

[ -o output ]

[ -f filter ]

[ -N clients ]

[ -O clients ]

[ -M clients ]

[ -X clients ]

[ -C clients ]

[ -V clients ]

[ -g seconds ]

[ -t seconds ]

[ -T seconds ]

[ -w seconds ]

[ -c units ]

[ -W seconds ]


DESCRIPTION is a simple script that starts a source and some peers on the local machine. The total number of running peers is given by the arguments of the options M, N, O, X, C, anv V (see below).



print this help and exit
-e executable

streamer executable, e.g. -e ./offerstreamer-ml-monl. Current: $STREAMER
-I interface

the interface to use for all peers and the source, e.g. -I eth1. Current: $IFACE

-m executable

another client executable (in case of test of multiple clients)
-M clients

number of alternative clients
-S port

the udp port used by the source. Current: $SOURCE_PORT
-v video

stream video file, e.g. -v ~/video/big_buck_bunny_480p_600k.mpg. Current: $VIDEO
-F filter

filter output of source grepping for the argument e.g. -F "sendingreceived". Current: $SOURCE_FILTER


don't start the source. Use this mode to attach these peers to an exisiting source. Current: $NO_SOURCE
-s options

extra options to pass to the source, .e.g. -s "-m 3". Current: $SOURCE_OPTIONS
-i IP

IP address of the source to connect to. Might be needed if -I!=lo. Current: $SOURCE_IP
-P clients

peers use ports starting from this one. Current: $PEER_PORT_BASE
-p options

extra options passed to each peer, e.g. -p "-c 50 -b 100". Current: $PEER_OPTIONS

-N clients

number of peers running in background (only stderr is logged). Use '-N 0' to disable. Current: $NUM_PEERS
-O clients

number of peers showing their ouput (on stdout). Current: $NUM_PEERS_O
-o output

override output program, e.g. -o "fifo | vlc /dev/stdin". Current: $OUTPUT
-f filter

filter output of X peers grepping for the argument, e.g. -f "chbuf". Current: $FILTER
-X clients

number of peers showing stderr in an xterm. If -f is specified, filter is applied. Current: $NUM_PEERS_X

-C clients

number of peers runnung in background and churning. Current: $NUM_PEERS_C
-V clients

number of peers running valgrind. Current: $NUM_PEERS_V
-g seconds

gperf: seconds to wait before killing peers and generating gperf data. Streamer must be compiled with -pg! Current: $GPERF_WAIT

gzip: compress each log file with gzip on-the-fly
-t seconds

minimum lifetime in seconds of peers (only for C type). Current: $CHURN_MIN
-T seconds

maximum lifetime in seconds of peers (only for C type). Current: $CHURN_MAX

-w seconds

seconds to wait before restarting peer. Current: $CHURN_WAIT
-c units        

after churn, increase port number by this amount. Default: number of C type peers. Set to 0 to have peers that resurrect with the same address.

-W seconds

wait W seconds between starting peers



Start a swarm with all default params, and pring chbuf messages only:


-e "offerstreamer-ml" -f "chbuf"

Start the source with optional parameter -m 1, 5 peers with parameters "-b 40 -o 5 -c 25" and print only chbuf messages:


-e "offerstreamer-ml-monl-static"
-s "-m 1" -N 5 -p "-b 40 -o 5 -c 25" -f "chbuf"



This program was originally written by Csaba Kiraly ( and Luca Abeni ( The man page has been written by Gianluca Ciccarelli ( and is based on the program's online help.

Copyright © 2011 Csaba Kiraly and Luca Abeni, License GPLv3: GNU GPL version 3 <>. This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it. There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.

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