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What is it?
PeerStreamer is an open source P2P Media Streaming framework written in C, developed as part of the NAPA-WINE European research project. It includes a streaming engine for the efficient distribution of media streams, a source application for the creation of channels and a player applications to visualize the streams. To the best of our knowledge, PeerStreamer is unique among other similar applications for at least three reasons:

  • open source development
  • fast and efficient code
  • network awareness and friendliness

Main features:

  • digests almost any media format
  • configurable chunking engine
  • configurable topology module
  • streaming engine with several streaming protocols (push/pull/negotiation based)
  • configurable chunk/peer scheduler
  • ALTO (Application-Layer Traffic Optimization) support

PeerStreamer has several incarnations for various target audiences:

  • Users: download binaries or source code from our dedicated download page
  • Developers: source code is available from git repositories. Consult the development page for more details
  • Researchers: check out streamers implementing various state-of-the-art streaming algorithms from literature at our research page. Related publication are also available here

OSPS Project

A research project, Open Source P2P Streaming, has been conducted in order to adapt PeerStreamer to best suite even in Wireless Community Network environment.

Various features of PeerStreamer have been presented with live demos at the following venues:

IEEE P2P'10 Conference IPTComm 2010 Principles, Systems and Applications of IP Telecommunications 2010 NEM Summit, Oct. 13-15, Barcelona, Spain The 30th IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications (IEEE INFOCOM 2011) IETF 80 -Prague, Czech Republic Prague, Czech Republic ICT 2010 ICT Event in BrusselsIEEE International Conference on P2P computing