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Architecture of a Network-Aware P2P-TV Application: The NAPA-WINE Approach

TitleArchitecture of a Network-Aware P2P-TV Application: The NAPA-WINE Approach
Publication TypeMagazine Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsBirke, R., E. Leonardi, M. Mellia, A. Bakay, T. Szemethy, C. Kiraly, R. Lo Cigno, F. Mathieu, L. Muscariello, S. Niccolini, J. Seedorf, and G. Tropea
MagazineIEEE Communications Magazine
Issue Number6
Date Published06/2011

Peer to Peer streaming (P2P-TV) applications
have recently emerged as cheap and efficient
solutions to provide real time streaming
services over the Internet. For the sake of simplicity,
typical P2P-TV systems are designed and
optimized following a pure layered approach,
thus ignoring the effect of design choices on the
underlying transport network. This simple
approach, however, may constitute a threat for
the network providers, due to the congestion
that P2P-TV traffic can potentially generate. In
this article, we present and discuss the architecture
of an innovative, network cooperative P2PTV
application that is being designed and
developed within the STREP Project NAPAWINE.
Our application is explicitly targeted to
favor cooperation between the application and
the transport network layer.

Refereed DesignationRefereed